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Daily Market Summary

JAN 31


1) TNG: TNG leaders did not sell all the registered shares. Mr. Nguyen Manh Linh said that 3.3 million TNG shares were not sold as registered due to market factors.


2) Sacombank profit increased 53% in 2023, handling an additional 5,100 billion bad debts at VAMC. Sacombank reported a pre-tax profit of VND 9,595 billion in 2023, completing the assigned plan thanks to net interest income maintaining a stronger growth momentum of more than 28%. 


3) Vinhomes' revenue exceeded the 100,000 billion mark for the first time, and profit reached more than 33,000 billion VND, an increase of 14%. Vinhomes' total assets reached 447,000 billion VND, the largest among real estate companies on the stock exchange.


4) Vincom Retail's net profit of 4,410 billion in 2023, an increase of nearly 60%. Consolidated financial statements show that VRE's net profit is nearly 4,410 billion VND in 2023, an increase of nearly 60% compared to the previous year.


5) Vingroup reported record revenue of nearly 162,000 billion, a profit of more than 2,000 billion in 2023. Vingroup's revenue increased sharply thanks to selling real estate in two major projects and selling electric cars. 


6) Dollar bond sales in Asia had their worst start to the year since 2016 Dollar bond issuance sales in Asia are off to their weakest start in eight years, bucking a strong global trend as they mainly raise cheaper capital domestically and wait for The US Federal Reserve (Fed) cuts interest rates.


7) Novaland suddenly reported a profit of more than 1,600 billion VND in the fourth quarter of 2023, and bond debt decreased by 6,000 billion after one year. For the whole year of 2023, Novaland profited more than 800 billion VND in the context of the first half of the year, the business lost more than 1,000 billion VND.


8) Corporate bonds issued in December 2023:


According to the data consolidated by VBMA from HNX and SSC as of 26/01/2024, no bonds have been issued so far in 2024.

In December 2023, there were 84 bond issuances by private placement with a total value of VND 66,980 billion. The average issuing coupon rate for these bonds was 7.4 %/year, and the average terms to maturity was 6 years.

In 2023, the total value of corporate bond issuance recorded was VND 336,040 billion. This comprises 29 public offerings with VND 37,070 billion (accounting for 11% of the total issuance value) and 319 private placements with VND 298,970 billion (accounting for 89%).


Corporate bonds buybacks in January 2024:

According to data consolidated by VBMA from HNX, businesses redeemed VND 6,887 billion of bonds in January 2024. In 2023, the total value of bonds redeemed before maturity was VND 249,318 billion, +8.4% YoY and equivalent to 74.2% of the issuance value. Banking was the leading sector with 51.4% of the total redeemed value (or VND 128,159 billion).


Corporate bonds matured:

The total value of corporate bonds about to mature in the remainder of 2024 is VND 261,372 billion, 38% of which belongs to the real estate sector with VND 100,121 billion, followed by the banking sector with VND 54,497 billion (or 21% total value).


Corporate bond issuance plan in 2024



The Board of Directors of Thanh Thanh Cong - Bien Hoa JSC has announced the plan to issue corporate bonds in the first quarter of 2024 with a total value of VND 500 billion. These bonds are non-convertible, without warrant, and secured.

The expected face value would be VND 100 million/bond with a 3-year term to maturity. The coupon rate will be fixed at 11%/year in the first two periods. For the remaining periods, the rates = reference rates + 3.85%/year.



The Board of Directors of Viet Capital Bank has approved the plan to privately issue bonds in 2024, with a total value of VND 5,600 billion divided into 6 batches. These bonds are non-convertible, non-warrant, and secured. The expected face value would be VND 100,000/bond with an 8-year term to maturity, and the fixed coupon rate would be 8%/year.